High speed end mills cutter with inserts for 400R series


About End Mills Cutter

1.A End Mill Cutter is composed of a body into which one or two tool bits are inserted. As the entire unit rotates, the tool bits take broad, shallow facing cuts. 


2.End mill cutters are analogous to face mills in that their purpose is face milling and their individual cutters are replaceable.


3.Face mills are more ideal in various respects (e.g., rigidity, indexability of inserts without disturbing effective cutter diameter or tool length offset, depth-of-cut capability), but tend to be expensive, whereas end mill cutters are very inexpensive.


4.Most end mill cutters simply have a cylindrical center body that holds one tool bit. It is usually a standard left-hand turning tool that is held at an angle of 30 to 60 degrees. end mill cutters with two tool bits have no "official" name but are often called double fly cutters, double-end fly cutters, or fly bars.


5.Often these bits will be mounted at right angles to the bar's main axis, and the cutting geometry is supplied by using a standard right-hand turning tool.



  High speed end mills cutter with inserts for 400R series   

1.Suit for Plane finishing,roughing,copy milling,shoulder milling,sloot.plunge milling,profile processing.


2.R.P.M and feeding speed are three times more than the general cutter.


3.Fit for strength cutting.


4.Suitable insert:APMT1135PDER