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Product introduction

         Virgin grade PTFE (Teflon®) gaskets are made from 100% pure material which is used in most general applications. It is extremely soft and formable and is often used for chemical resistant seals and gaskets. It is made directly from the resin producer and has never been processed into a shape. It possesses the highest physical and electrical insulation properties and has increased resistance to creep (compression) under load. Virgin grade PTFE can be recognized by its whiter color compared to mechanical grade PTFE.

Suniu is a privately owned company based in the China. It was founded in 2015. It is a manufacturing company that is specialized in the extrusion of  PTFE tubing . we also in the design and manufacture of PTFE Ram Extruders.

           Most of its ptfe products are custom made for highly demanding applications in the chemical processing industries, Power generation, Aircraft industries and automotive industries.The scope of production covers material blending, extrusion and a wide range of finishing operations.

With over 10 years of manufacturing experience for our enginner . Our tubing is manufactured from selected fluoropolymer virgin resins extruded to extremely precise tolerances, Tube manufactured by extrusion process with PTFE in the ultra-clean room ,